AL Etihad Real Estate Company

Al Etihad Real Estate Investment & Marketing Company established on professionalism, hard work and trusts of our valued customers. 15 years’ of experience in real estate, commercial, industrial , residential properties and lands.We are proud of its reputation as a symbol of integrity, professionalism and synergy in working hand in hand through a professional team that provides a high standard of real estate services by creating opportunities for optimal investment for all categories and different tastes. We honored to serve you in Badr city and in all new cities.


We seek to be one of the first real estate marketing and development companies in Egypt inside and outside, and those partners and customers should look at us as an integral part of their success in selecting the ideal property or for a successful investment.

With many new and diverse properties been introduced in the real estate market every day, we constantly seek to find a lot of promising real estate and permanent development to offer new solutions and services to our customers that serve all tastes.

The ambition of leadership and the passion for excellence make us constantly striving to be the best in the size and quality of our investments and services, with constant development of our performance in line with our ambitions, ultimately leading us to strengthen our competitiveness in all the activities in which we work


Commitment to the highest standards of professional conduct through our cadres and our administrative and technical resources trained in dealing with our customers with transparency and credibility.

As well as providing investment and real estate consultancy to customers in order to serve their objectives and to reach the confidence and satisfaction of their choice by directing them to the best real estate and investment opportunities in the Egyptian real estate market, which achieves our vision and our goal of excellence and progress and confidence of our customers.